Michael DiMartino is a screenwriter located in Seattle, Washington.


"It's an accepted fact that all writers are crazy, even the normal ones are weird."

William Goldman

In Austin with Ron Howard

In Austin with Ron Howard


Michael DiMartino

Eleven years ago a friend of mine wrote a book and I thought it would make a great movie.  So I decided, with his permission, to write a screenplay.  It was then that I found out just how much I didn't know about writing.

Luckily the University of Washington was offering a Certificate Program in Screenwriting and I enrolled.  I was also lucky enough to have two great teachers and during the program wrote my first screenplay, "The Road to Tombstone", which was subsequently optioned.

Since I have written five screenplays including "Little Bandits" which was recently optioned.  "Little Bandits" was a semi-finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Contest.  Other screenplays have been quarter finalists and second round picks in Austin and The Big Break Contest.




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